Stepping Out for Tavi Schools Dance Festival

Tavi Schools Dance Festival 2019230 Year-4 children attended the Tavistock area dance festival on 14th January. Split across two venues – King’s Community Church and Tavistock Scout Hall, the morning session had 134 attending, with 96 attending the afternoon session, including one surprise wheel chair user for whom the instructors altered their routines slightly to ensure everyone had a good time.

Tavi Schools Dance Festival 2019The sessions were led by dance instructors Jess Madeley of Tavistock College with eight Year -2 Dance Students, and Jess Squire with two of her instructors, Jaz and Jennie.

Jane Brown from Bere Alston sent a message afterward saying ‘thank you for yesterday’s dance festival. Everyone, including the adults, really enjoyed it!’

Schools attending were:

Bere Alston
Mary Tavy & Brentor
St Peter’s
St Andrew’s