Lantern Making for Sport and Art

Okehampton Lanterns Lantern making will be part of the Sport & Art days this half term.

We are please to announce that Lantern building will be an option at the OCRA half term holidays activities in preparation for the Okehampton Lanterns procession on Friday 15th February.

The final procession will meet at St James Chapel and go up to the Pavilion in the Park where a local choir will sing and possibly a local band then finish the event with the dancers from OCRA.

Come and join this magical lantern precession for all ages.

Wren Music Devons folk and community arts charity

Friday 15th February
Setting off 5.30pm,
Starting – outside St James Chapel
Ending at the OCRA Pavilion in the Park

The facebook page for Okehampton Lanterns is at: