Co-op supporting Okehampton Charities

Co-op good causes presentationIn the run up tp Christmas, OCRA was delighted to receive a donation from the members of the Co-Op as part of the store’s support for local organisations.

The second six-month fund-raising drive of 2017, through co-op members’ cards, saw a charity pot totaling £8,702.67 which was split between Wren Music, Okehampton Primary School and OCRA.

Receiving the cheque for OCRA’s share of the pot, OCRA Trustee and coach Robin calling pledged the £2,889.00 to OCRA’s junior sports and outreach programmes.

Our thanks go to the Co-operative Store, in particular the Okehampton branch managed by Martin Ford (pictured presenting the cheque with staff Mark and Michelle), and to all the local co-op members whose support of the store contributed to the fund.