OCRA is Helping Others to Skip into Spring

Green grass field sunset scenery by Aniket BhattacharyaWith all the recent news and improved weather there is definitely optimism in the air. Devon Virtual Games Events hosted by Active Devon and the Devon School Games Organisers have been encouraging young people and families to put a spring in their step with a skipping challenge.

As part of the challenge Active Devon offered free skipping ropes to families and schools, there was a massive uptake and supplies were in short supply. OCRA acknowledged that some of the schools in our sports partnership may have missed out and purchased some for our School Sports Coordinator Mhairi McCall to distribute. Inactivity amongst primary age children will be a lasting legacy from COVID-19 and its impact on schooling and the economy, this small gesture from OCRA to support the challenge was part of their remit of encouraging the benefits of activity on physical and mental health for young people and their families.

The Devon Virtual Games events series run throughout the spring term and will offer young people and families the opportunity to compete against themselves and others whilst maintaining social distancing. The competitions are suitable to do at home, in your backyard or garden or at school. They give the opportunity to virtually team up with classmates, represent school and compete against other children from across Devon. The skipping challenge ends on Friday 26th March 2021.

Image credit: Green grass field sunset scenery by Aniket Bhattacharya via Unsplash