OCRA Annual General Meeting Tues 25 Jan 2022

OCRA AGM 2022We are pleased to invite you to the 2022 OCRA Annual General Meeting (AGM). The AGM will be held on Tuesday 25 January starting at 18:00hrs in the Pavilion in the Park.

The agenda for the meeting will be emailed to recipients who have confirmed their attendance during the w/c 17 January. Should further Covid-19 restrictions be introduced, precluding gatherings such as this prior to the meeting itself, we will seek to arrange an alternative ‘online’ AGM and details will be forwarded to confirmed attendees in this instance. Should you not wish to attend the AGM in person at the Pavilion in the Park but instead ‘join us’ online, a link will be made available for you to attend this way.

However, please note that as previous experience has taught us the acoustics in the Pavilion are not conducive to smooth and clear communication to those attending via computer when meetings are being run half in person and half online.)

Please acknowledge your intent to ‘attend’ (or not) and if you will be attending in person or online by replying to the Clerk to the Board of Trustees (clerk@ocrasport.org). If you accept this invite to attend but do not specifically request a link to join online is will be assumed you intend to attend in person.

The AGM gives you the opportunity to hear about the recent work and achievements of OCRA and to learn about the future plans and development for the Charity. A key purpose of the AGM is to report the Annual Accounts and we hope you find the information given throughout the AGM of interest and value to yourself and your club.

If you have any queries regarding the AGM or your club’s involvement with the Board of Trustees, you can email myself as Clerk to the Board of Trustees (clerk@ocrasport.org) or OCRA’s General Manger, Ian Blythe (ian@ocrasport.org.uk).

We very much look forward to welcoming you to the AGM.