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Adam Stansfield Foundation
Adam Stansfield Foundation

OCRA ACTION CLUB IS BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND in Chagford, Hatherleigh, Bridestowe, South Tawton, Boasley Cross, Northlew, Exbourne, Lewdown, Okehampton, North Tawton & Lydford.

OCRA are delivering OCRA ACTION CLUB in conjunction with the OKEHAMPTON LEARNING COMMUNITY and Football Drills & Skills in association with the ADAM STANSFIELD FOUNDATION.

The OCRA Action Club is an exciting after school club which invites children and young people to come along join in the fun and free play for two hours. The club offers children and young people the equipment and space to create their own free play and free choice of activities for the two hours.

OCRA will bring a wide range of sporting equipment, a varied range of art materials for children/young people to create their own masterpieces, sport specific coaches, for example fencing & archery, den/tent building tarpaulin, multiskills equipment and where possible we will bring bushcraft skills into your village setting. OCRA Action Club will use the play spaces/parks and/or your local Primary School grounds. 

Please come along and join in when you have finished school or when you get off your buses – we would love to see you there. OCRA Action Club is open to all children and young people even if you do not attend the school in the village location you have chosen.

For Primary aged children, registration forms are available at your local participating Primary School or direct from OCRA.