Really trying in triathlon

Image: OCRA TriathlonThe OCRA West Devon Primary Schools triathlon, hosted by Fusion at Meadowlands Pool and Tavistock Town Meadows, took place on June 15.

Tavistock Swimming Club started the event and timed the swimming element. Justin Know of British Cycling, aided by Geoff Whitlow and his volunteers from Tavistock Wheelers, ensured that the cycling went smoothly while Keith and Jayne Reed of Armada Athletics looked after the running element.

Teams were made up of two boys and two girls and there were two categories – Year 3/4 and 5/6.

Dan Lindsay led the way in the boys competition fo St. Andrew’s 3/4; he and his team mates, Magnus L Williams, Tamsin Reid and Daisy Cattanach won their category with the St. Peters Team of Orls White, who topped the girls competition. Hazel Stead, Harry Witcher and Jacob Moody coming second and second and third placed boys form Whitchirch A Jamie Carlton and James Waites, along with Florence Riggort and Neil McGuire in third place, Miley Lake of Tavistock was second girl and Emily Fletcher of Whitchurch B third girl.

St Andrew’s A took the Year 5/6 event with Max Erasmus, Will Harvey, Holly Connor and Annie Woock. The Whitchurch team of Henry Fletcher, who was second individual by, Taylor Charlton Cross, Elsie McGuire (third girl) and Olivia Luckhma came second and Joel Lake (first boy), Will Addison, Jenna Mabey and Katies Roberts of Tavistock were third.

Third individual boy was Rory Cox of St. Andrew’s B and first and second girls were Holly Cole of Lewtrenchard and Lara Dix of St. Peter’s.

Mhairie McCall of OCRA thanks all the volunteers who gave up their time to support this exciting event.