Equipment Loan

OCRA Action Equipment Loan Scheme offers individuals, groups of children and/or young people the opportunity to borrow equipment packs to play in their local parks, play spaces, play your home and garden with friends or maybe a birthday party or celebration.

This equipment can be borrowed from OCRA Action Club for birthday parties etc.Please choose from the list below and complete the OCRA Action Equipment Loan scheme booking form.

Equipment Booking Request Form

Please send the completed form to :
c/o Okehampton College,
Mill Road,
EX20 1PW.

Equipment Terms & Conditions of Loan


Tri Golf

Equipment List
9 x Red Cones
11 x Green Cones
11 x Yellow Cones
10 x White Cones
11 x Blue Cones
10 x Red Feet
10 x Blue Feet
10 x Red Putters (1 left handed)
10 x Blue Chippers (1 left handed)
5 x Blue Balls
6 x Red Balls
6 x Yellow Balls
1 x Red Rope
1 x Yellow Rope
20 x Teas

OCRA Kwic Cricket


Equipment List
2 x Bats
2 x Orange Balls
2 x Sets of Wickets
1 x Kwic Cricket Bag
1 x Kwic Cricket Introduction Book

OCRA Circus Skills

Equipment List
5 x Tennis Balls
2 x Air Balls
3 x Soft Balls
6 x Frogs
2 x Tortoises
3 x Spinning Dishes with 3 Sticks
3 x Juggling Batons
1 x Balloon Ball
1 x set of Fire Sticks
1 x set of Sticky Pads and Ball
1 x Diablo
1 x Bag

OCRA Multi Skills

Equipment List
6 x Monkeys
2 x Plastic Tennis Rackets
1 x Set of Sticky Pads and Ball
2 x Skipping Ropes
3 x Tennis Balls
2 x Soft Balls
3 x Sets of Scoops and 3 White Air Balls
4 x Coloured Air Balls
4 x Leg Spinners
2 x Net Catchers with 2 Yellow Balls
1 x Bag

OCRA Squash

SquashEquipment List
4 x Squash Rackets
2 x Squash Balls
1 x Squash Wall




OCRA Tennis and Badminton

TennisEquipment List
4 x Tennis Rackets
1 x Tennis Net
2 x Tennis Balls
2 x Badminton Rackets
2 x Shuttle Cocks
1 x Bag

OCRA Uni-Hoc


Equipment List
8 x Red Hockey Sticks
8 x Yellow Hockey Sticks
4 x Blue Cones
2 x Hockey Pucks
1 x Hockey Air Ball
1 x Hockey Bag

We will contact you to advise you if the equipment is free and make arrangements for you to collect the equipment or, as we have activity coaches in your villages, we maybe able to meet you in your village with the equipment.

To hire the sports/free play equipment bags we require a deposit of £20 per bag which will be returned to you when you return the equipment.

To hire a art bag – we require a deposit £5.00 which will be returned to you when you return the art bag. We require the of return of the art bag, scissors etc but please use the remaining materials to create your artwork/necklaces/mask etc.


  1. Choose the equipment you would like to borrow from the lists on our website.
  2. Complete the attached Booking Request Form and return to the address on the form.
  3. A letter will be sent to confirm whether your booking has been successful.
  4. OCRA works in many of the villages and Okehampton on a weekly basis and it is possible with prior arrangement for us to deliver and collect the equipment. If it is not possible you can collect the equipment on Mondays between 10.00am and 12 noon from OCRA at Okehampton College.
  5. Have fun and get active using the equipment.
  6. Complete an OCRA evaluation form.
  7. Arrange for OCRA to collect the equipment or return the equipment to OCRA on Mondays between 10.00am and 12 noon.

Choose what equipment you would like to borrow next!