Adam Keats – Skateboarding – Nov 2018

Adam Keats Exeter

In the last couple of months I have been competing at various events throughout Europe, including the Dew Tour stop in Barcelona, consistently finishing top 10 and always coming back fully motivated and driven to do better.

It has been amazing having access to the gym so that when I arrive back home I can bring the hype back with me and train harder than I ever used to. Getting up to swim every morning has helped me focus on moving forward and taking care of my body as skateboarding can seriously take it’s toll!

This weekend I am flying out to the Netherlands for the Vans Shop Riot European final with our shop team. Feeling really good and looking forward to it! I have been training recently to build up my stamina and ability to skate harder for longer, this really helps with competition skateboarding.

Keats Noseblunt Dew Tour